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Vol. 16 No. 2
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. / September 1997


A New Post-Column Photochemical Reactor for Liquid Chromatography (55k)
This article briefly reviews the concept of adding photochemical reactions to liquid chromatography as it is applied to an new photocatalytic post-column reactor system based on a low-temperature UV lamp and titanium dioxide catalyst.

Monitoring Vital Signs in Clinical and Research Animals
Janice M. Bright of Vetronics, Inc. in Lafayette, Indiana, discusses the importance of precise monitoring of animal vital signs and a new computerized system for the automated measurement and monitoring of all vital signs.

Automating Voltammetry with Flow Technology (77k)
Larry Taylor from NovaTech in Westown, Pennsylvania, shows how an on-line deoxygenator makes it possible to automate the sample-handling process using flow technology and more than triple throughput.

Online LC Sample Preparation with BioTrap 500 C18 (58k)
Jörgen Hermansson, Anders Grahn, and Inger Hermansson from ChromTech AB in Stockholm, Sweden, discuss a technique for the direct injection of complex samples, such as plasma/serum, into a liquid chromatography system.

The Study of Multiple Electron Transfer Reactions by Cyclic Voltammetry
Adrian W. Bott of Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. in West Lafayette, Indiana, discusses the factors that give rise to two-electron transfer processes.

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