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Vol. 16 No. 3
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. / December 1997


Determination of Lead Leaching from Crystal Glass by Square Wave Stripping Voltammetry (24k)
Lorraine M. Whitney and Michael J. Hynes of the National University of Ireland in Galway discuss a method for determining lead migration from lead crystal stemware using square wave stripping voltammetry.

Practical Problems in Voltammetry: 4. Preparation of Working Electrodes
Adrian W. Bott of Bioanalytical Systems looks at the various methods of removing adsorbed species from electrodes. These methods include mechanical polishing, heat pretreatment, and electrochemical pretreatment.

Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry (104k)
Philip S.H. Wong of Bioanalytical Systems and R. Graham Cooks of Purdue Univ. discuss the operating principles of linear quadrupoles and quadrupole ion traps and the performance characteristics of triple quadrupole and ion trap instruments.

Determination of Trace Mercury (Hg(II)) by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry at a Gold Electrode (45k)
H.G. Jayaratna of Bioanalytical Systems discusses the electrochemical determination of aqueous Hg(II) at a 1.6 mm solid gold electrode. Background current, baseline behavior, technique, experimental time, background electrolyte, and surface cleaning procedures were examined.

Cost, Price, and Perceived Value
Peter Kissinger, President of Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. and Purdue University professor, addresses the customer concerns of cost, price, and perceived value and how to best meet these needs for widely varying customers.

Introduction to Amperometric Biosensor Configurations
To help the novice classify the vast literature in the field, Peter Kissinger of Bioanalytical Systems gives a brief perspective on how electrochemical biosensors are used in commercial practice.

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