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Vol. 17 No. 3
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. / December 1998


The Use of Constant Potential Amperometry to Determine the Oxidation Rate of [R-(Z)]-a-(methoxyimino)-1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]-octane-3-acetonitrile by Dimethyldioxirane (26k)
Julie Ennis and P.C. Buxton describe the reaction rate of the oxidation of [R-(Z)]-a-(methoxyimino)-1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]-octane-3-acetonitrile by dimethyldioxirane using constant potential amperometry.

Pressure-Controlled Voltammetry of a Redox Protein: An Experimental Approach to Probing the Internal Protein Dielectric Constant?
Laurent Gillès de Pélichy, Marly Eidsness, Donald Kurtz, Robert Scott, and Eugene Smith explore the use of pressure-controlled voltammetry to determine equilibrium reduction potentials of recombinant Pyrococcus furiosus, a low molecular weight redox protein.

BioTrap Sample Extraction Column: A New Approach for On-Line Sample Preparation in Drug Metabolism Studies (41k)
Chandrani Gunaratna of Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. describes a new biocompatible sample extraction column that allows direct injection of biological samples into an LC system.

Electrochemistry of Semiconductors (50k)
Adrian W. Bott of Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. discusses the electrochemical properties of semiconductors and the characterization of semiconductor electrodes using capacitance-potential measurements.

Inserting Sample-Identifying Information into ChromGraph Data Files
Bruce P. Solomon of Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. describes how to import sample-identifying information during automated operation using new versions of ChromGraph data processing software.

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