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Vol. 20 No. 4
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. / March 2004


Foreword (8k)

Getting Science Done with Friends (12k)
Peter T. Kissinger, Ph.D.

Investigation of Enzyme-Mediated Electron Transfer Using DigiSimŪ
Adrian W. Bott, Ph.D.

Polarographic Determination of K and Vmax of Glutathione Reductase (50k)
Heriberto Prado, Patricia Diaz, Jose Luis Ortiz and Alejandro Baeza*

Chronocoulometry (57k)
Adrian W. Bott, Ph.D. and William R. Heineman, Ph.D.

Use of Citric Acid as Mobile Phase and Sample Medium for the Determination of Ascorbic Acid by Liquid Chromatography/Electrochemistry (32k)
Hiroshi Iwase, Ph.D.

Pharma Expectations in Outsourcing Stability Programs (21k)
Margaret McClure, Ph.D.

Immortalized Human Hepatocytes: A New Advance in Convenience and Performance (54k)
David Steen

MutagenicityTesting Applied for Regulation of Developing Products (18k)
K.S. Rao, D.V.M., Ph.D., Yong Xu, M.D., M.Ph., Ellen Shaw, M.S. and Joseph W. Parton

Dynamic Preclinical and Clinical Trials (42k)
W. Leigh Thompson

Chromatography and Marathon Running (22k)
Hiroshi Iwase

In the Literature (22k)

Technical Note - Determination of Serotonin in Whole Human Blood (14k)
Bruce Peary Solomon, Ph.D. and Chester T. Duda, Ph.D.

Miscellany (23k)


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